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Spring has begun and we at Swell Surf Camp already get a lot of inquiries and bookings in for the summer.

Maybe it’s because we got mentions on a lot of external / independent websites for offering awesome summer surf camp holidays.


Needless to say we are very happy when we get a mention in the media, another thing to say is that we never pay for media coverage or let anyone have a free stay in return for a write up. These reviews of Swell Surf Camp are genuine.

What’s going on in Cabarete?

Winter has provided us with lots of top quality surf days at Playa Encuentro, and the kite surfers have also been happy days with plenty of windy afternoons. With summer coming up: if you have been wanting to learn kitesurfing, the next few months is the time to come over to Cabarete for a kite surfing lessons / course. Steady trade winds in the afternoon will be a steady fixture all the way until the end of August for kiteboarding

Want to learn to surf? Summer months provide excellent learning conditions for beginners with waves in the waist to chest high range.

Did we mention the Yoga Surf Camp?

Need more activities? have a look at the active adventure holiday page.


We hope to see you in Cabarete, the action sport’s capital of the Caribbean this summer.

For those interested in learning to kitesurf on their caribbean, here’s a good starter guide

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Good vibes

Posted by Swell Surf Camp on Thursday, December 3, 2015

The winter season has properly started here in the Dominican Republic, lots of weeks are fully booked, and the last few weeks it has already been almost 100% full. Which means the vibe has been awesome. And the surf has been great too, we had some solid overhead clean waves where the pros were getting barreled and good long rides at Encuentro and other surf spots found on the north coast of the Dominican republic.

We hope to see welcome you all soon in the Caribbean’s best surf Camp.
Hasta Pronto

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Swell Overhaul

Surf season is almost upon us in the Dominican Republic

So to be prepared for the high season we close and start renovations as we do every 2 years ,  we give the building a complete overhaul, new paint, new room decor, work in the garden , new LED lights etc. so we worked very hard to get everything done in the 2 weeks that we has, in total we had 25+ people on site working to get everything done, and we made it.

Here’s some pictures of certain parts of our surf camp that got a new look.

Since we had friends and family staying with us, we also tried the snorkeling tour that we can now fully recommend for our swell clients:

It’s a short 15 minute drive to Playa Sosua, where you get handed quality snorkeling equipment, a short briefing and off you go in the boat to the best snorkeling sites in Sosua. We absolutely loved the trip, we snorkeled  for 1,5 hours and saw plenty of fish, enjoyed the coast line scenery from the boat.

Here’s some pictures from our snorkeling trip. If you are interested in going Snorkeling with the Swell crew, just let one of our staff members know and we can organize it for you.

The high season is coming, we think the camp looks better than ever before, so we hope you come and join us this winter for a one of a kind surf adventure holiday.

Travel solo / single?

Swell is the perfect match as we made the top list for single holidays

See you in the Caribbean

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Getting around Cabarete


And a quick guide on ‘how to ride bitch

Our clients get picked up by our drivers at the airport on their way to Swell and in the mornings, our clients go with Michel’s van to Playa Encuentro. The rest of the transportation from Swell to bars and restaurants can be done by foot, since Swell is so centrally located.

But if you don’t want to walk, for example to go to Kitebeach for lunch or a kite session, there is a very popular mode of transportation in and around Cabarete: The Moto Concho (moto taxi) and you will find them every where in town. You don’t have to look for them, they’ll find you, anywhere in town, especially along Cabarete’s main road. In fact, anyone walking along the road will soon get a quick whistle, offering a ride.

Prices:  20 -50 pesos in town, with lower prices during the day and higher prices at night and an extortionate amount when they know you are drunk (which is a time by the way when you should definitely not be on the back of a moto!), or when they know that you have no idea about the going moto-concho rates (usually a lack of a sun tan will give them a clue).

Payment: Note: A moto concho driver never has change (or so they tell you), so try to make sure to have 20 or 50 pesos on you. They will not even give you change from 500 pesos (12 dollars).

The ‘Dominican Tattoo’  Beware: motorbike exhausts are HOT!  A leg-burn from an exhaust pipe is so common when you are riding ‘bitch’ that it even has a name!

How to: Well watch this video to find the right etiquette for ‘riding bitch’. Applies to moto concho’s and rides with friends (our personal favorite is the ‘Meerkat’).



Interested in an active adventure holiday? we got something for you too

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