Cabarete Kitesurf World Cup 2014

Update 2016

The article  below is from 2014 so here’s an update on the 2016 Maitai Cabarete Freestyle Invitational.

The new kiteboarding event is part of the world kiteboarding league

Jule 12 to Juli 17 2016

Cabarete Bay, in front of the Millenium hotel, at Laurel eastman Kiteboarding ( where Swell clients go for kite lessons)

The worlds best 24 male and 12 female kitsurf riders will compete.

How to watch:
Go to the beach any day after 11 when there’s more than 15 knots and be prepared to see spectacular jumps.

Who to watch:
Local riders Ariel and his young brother Adeuri could have a chance of winning it ( Ariel won years ago) Or Luis Alberto Cruz, who we will be cheering on, since he is a family member of Sypriana, the longest working staff member at Swell.

Inspired? Want to learn to kitesurf? See the details of the learn to kiteboard packages that Swell offers.
See you on the beach the coming week.

Cabarete Kitesurf World Cup 2014
After a few years of absentee this year will be once again the year where one of the most exciting events of  the Kitesurf World tour will take place in Cabarete

From June 18 to June 22 2014 the world cup will take place at Bozo beach, (Cabarete’s main beach). Bozo beach is a short 5 minute walk from Swell Surf Camp, so if you are interested in seeing the world’s best freestyle kiteboarders battle it out in epic conditions, send Clare an email to see if we have space for you at Swell.

For people more interested in becoming a kiteboarder that week, don’t worry, kitesurf lessons are still given at the downwind kitebeach.

Surfing in summer time in the DR
Summer is not just a great time for kite and windsurfing in Cabarete, the summer sees perfect surfing conditions for completete beginners or intermediates that have only surfed a few times in their lives. Wave size is a consistent waist to shoulder high in the summer months.

Other activities in Cabarete
There’s no need to be bored in Cabarete, regardless of what season of the year we are in, here’s some of our clients favorite things to do in Cabarete:

  • Canyoning and the waterfall tours.
  • Windsurfing.
  • Snorkeling and diving.
  • Yoga with Molly at Swell.
  • A night out partying in town.
  • Mountainbiking with max.
  • Ziplining at the monkey jungle tours.
  • Stand up paddle tours ( SUP) in the river Yasica or the lagoon.

So if you are looking for an action packed adventure holiday in the Caribbean,; have a look at our packages to see if there’s something that fits your needs. Keep in mind Swell is a small and popular place so space is limited.

Single / solo traveler looking for an active holiday? You’ll be happy to hear that half our guests are generally solo travellers, so it’s real easy to meet other folks at Swell to socialise and have fun with.

See you at the world cup in Cabarete

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Kitesurfing in Cabarete

Tarifa as a kitesurf destination

Kitesurfing in Cabarete

Yes Swell is a surf camp in the Dominican Republic, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t offer any other sports at Swell. In fact the reason we built Swell in Cabarete is because Cabarete is considered the watersport capital of the Caribbean.
Cabarete first became famous because of the world class windsurfing conditions in Cabarete in the mid 80’s. The popularity of windsurfing started to drop in the late 90’s and 2000, just in time for a new sport to arrive: kitesurfing (or kiteboarding same thing).

There are a few reasons that make Cabarete an ideal place for a kitesurfing holiday.


Reasons to go kitesurfing in Cabarete, Dominican republic

  1. The tradewinds that pick up in the afternoon are steady and reach perfect strenght for kitesurfing: between 16 and 22 knots on average ( 4 to 5 beaufort).
  2. The tradewinds are side onshore, which means if something happens to you or your kite, you will not be blown out to see but come floating into safety in a short time.
  3. Large open spaces, cabarete bay, Goletta and kitebeach are big area’s were there is enough space for 100’s of kiters to enjoy the sport without getting in each others ways.
  4. Large variety of conditions to enjoy: from Flat water at La Boca river mouth to the waves at Kitebeach and Encuentro; it doesn’t matter if you are in to freestyle kitesurfing or wave riding, Cabarete offers something for everyone.
  5. Availability of good kitesurf schools in Cabarete: There are at least a dozen kiteboard schools in Cabarete. But just like with Surf schools some are better than others, at Swell we offer our clients the lessons from the most renowned kiteschool located at Cabarete bay. They employ qualified kite instructors, use top quality equipment and have the best safety record.

If you want a change of scenery from just kitesurfing in Cabarete, there’s a few more spots to enjoy in the Dominican republic: Las terrenas is a stunning beach with turquoise flat waters that many Cabarete kitesurfers go to for a few days to enjoy the tranquility of a different kitesurf spot.

Another popular spot going west from cabarete is Punta Russia: no development there, just gorgeous beaches with flat water and great views.

Swell Surf camp offer learn to kitesurf packages for complete beginners. See our kitesurfing page or pricing page for details.

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Surfing Encuentro


Playa El Encuentro on the North coast of the Dominican Republic is where we do most of our surfing. Why? Because it’s the most consistent surf spot on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic. Unlike most other surf spots in the Caribbean, Encuentro is a beach that has surfable waves almost every day of the year, ( I think on average it has waves bigger than waist high on 340 days of the year. Besides it’s constency it’s also a place that caters for surfers of all levels, from complete beginners that have never surfed before to die hard surfers with 20+ years of surfing experience.

[unitegallery swellgall]


How do we get to Playa Encuentro?


Playa Encuentro is about 3 miles out of the Cabarete town center ( where we are located), as a result we take our guests by taxi to Encuentro for their surfing. Contrary to what places that are located at Encuentro try to make you believe, staying in Cabarete is by far the best way to enjoy the best that this surf town has to offer. We are within walking distance to most great restaurants and bars. Encuentro is great for surfing, but there’s absolutely nothing else to do, eat, drink there during the day.

Feel like you are missing out on good surf?
Not when you are staying at Swell, we are always the first ones in the water ( if you choose to go on the sunrise surf session) and we go back to the beach several times during the day if the conditions are good for it. If you stay at basic accommodation at Encuentro yes you canb walk to the surf in the morning, but you are stuck way out of town for the rest of the day and night. Moto taxi’s; not if your life is dear to you.

Ok, here’s some surf spots of surfers of all different levels at Encuentro

longboarding cabarete

Interested in Surfing Encuentro?

We still have places open at our surf camp, so have a look at our packages and contact us.
See you soon

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Surf Camp Cabarete

surf balance

The #1 Surf Camp in Cabarete

High season is about to start in Cabarete, and for us at Swell this means we get more and more facebook & email messages every day. Clare, who answers the emails, is very good and quick with replying to everyone, but since there are some recurring questions that come back on a daily basis, I thought I’d answer some of them here.


How do I get to Cabarete, Dominican Republic?

We have made a page about the location of Swell and how to easily get to the Dominican republic


When is the best time to visit the DR for surfing?

For beginners: any time of the year is a good time to come and learn with Swell Surf School in Cabarete
For intermediates if you  just started catching unbroken waves,  spring / summer and autumn are best, for more advanced intermediates  the winter is a good time to start challenging yourself with some bigger waves.
Experts Surfers: best time to come is between October and April when the winter swells roll in for overhead + conditions most of the time.


Can you convince me why I need to choose Swell?

In short? No
We do not try to convince people to stay at Swell over the email. Have a good look at our website, read the reviews, check our facebook page to see what our current clients are up to, check the photo galleries on our site and you should be able to get a very good idea what Swell Surf camp is all about. We are honest in our marketing, we do not try to make our place look better than it really is, we are NOT going to promise that you are going to have amazing waves in the time you are with us, since we cannot control nature. What we CAN control is things like how clean our place is, the freshness of the food, the quality of the lessons etc.


What about this other…. hotel / apartement / ‘surf camp’?

Kind of the same answer as above. Have a look at their website, prices, photos etc and compare it with what we offer.  Swell is not the cheapest place in Cabarete. If price is your only criteria for choosing your surf holiday, then Swell is probably not for you. There are other places in town where you can book a surf camp in the $15 to $35 per night price range, BUT

Are they at the best location in town?

Do they provide quality surf lessons from qualified surf instructors?

Do they offer daily maid service for your room?

Is there going to be 10-20 other guests to socialise and surf with?

Owners / managers with years of experience in the surf travel industry?

Are they purpose built to be a surf camp like Swell?

Have the owner(s) ever done much surfing, kitesurfing, SUP or windsurfing?

We are not saying we are top pro’s in these sports, but they are our lifelong passions, which we think is important to provide the top service that we like to give at Swell. Would you trust a chef that doesn’t eat his own food?

Ok, here’s the only pics of us (the owners) on this website doing what we love doing (besides making sure all is well at Swell)

We could go on, just be careful that the term ‘surf camp cabarete’ has become very popular in Cabarete the last few years. Apartments or budget hotels have quickly rebranded themselves as surf camps to attract clients. If you want to stay in an apartment, old house or old hotel as the only surfer, then the above places might suit you well. If you want quality and are willing to pay a bit more for a top surf holiday, send us an email.

Last question

What are the waves going to be week / month etc.

We use MagicSeaweed and Windguru for wind and waves forecasts, they are pretty accurate.

I hope this answers some questions, also every page on the main part of our website has some FAQ’s as well, so maybe your question is answerd there.

Jeroen Mutsaars

Jeroen & Clare Mutsaars

Who is team Swell?

Swell is owned and founded by Jeroen Mutsaars & Clare Mutsaars

Jeroen Mutsaars has worked in the surf travel industry for 20+ years.

Jeroen Mutsaars Snowboarding

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Surfing Cabarete

Surfing Cabarete

Here’s some information regarding the different surf spots , conditions and what to expect on a surf holiday in and around Cabarete, Dominican Republic.

Surf spots close to Cabarete
The most popular surfspot on the North Coast of the DR is Playa Encuentro, it’s 3 miles west of Cabarete town.
The beach of Playa Encuentro or ( or just plain Encuentro as everyone calls it) has several different surf spots:
From West to East they are:

  • Destroyer: like the name suggests, not a wave for beginners, it’s fast and barreling and best in the winter months. It’s shallow with pretty sharp reef so kamikazes and bodyboarders only!
  • The left at Encuentro: a quality left hander that can peel for a good distance, barrel sections, works in NE and North swells, and when it does you will not be the only one out there, so can get a bit crowded with good surfers
  • Encuentro main peak: a fun , consistent ( breaks all year round) wave, the right is longer, the left shorter and faster. Great for short and longboarders, also good for intermediates and experts.
  • Bobo’s point: right in front of Bobo’s surf school, a fun left and right wave for surfers of all levels.
  • Coco Pipe: good right hand wave, that only gets good in a North swell with some size. Barrels and good walls to hit. Shallow and uneven reef below the surface, so not for beginners

Cabarete’s main bay also has waves that you could surf, but it’s a long paddle, 30 minutes on a shortboard. Not the easiest place to surf since it’s hard to predict the peaks, No crowds, just the occasional Stand up Paddle surfer.
East of Cabarete is Mananero: best in East swells, without wind, so early summer mornings. It’s fast & it has a good punch for intermediate and experts surfers.

About 45 minutes east of Cabarete is Playa Grande which has several surf spots in the region. Playa Grande itself has a fun beach break, great for bodyboarding & bodysurfing. The next bay has several surf spots, the most well know spot in Preciosa, a world class reef break in front of a headland, the left is better and longer than the right.

These spots are the most well known surf spots in the Cabarete region, there’s a good amount more spots, some are surfed less frequent in their consistency, some are secret spots, so you’ll need a willing local to share the info. At Swell staff has lived here for over 10 years, so we know all the major spots, but will not publish them here on the web ( maybe at Swell after a few beers, we can be bribed;-)

More info about Surfing Cabarete

Surf forecast for Surfing Cabarete can be found here.

More photo’s of surfing on the North coast of the DR.

Interested in other sports on your surf holiday in Cabarete can be found here or click here if  want to stay up to date on the Swell Costa Rica Surf camp

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Water sport holiday

Snorkeling activities dominican republic


If you are looking for an active water sport holiday in either the Dominican Republic,  then Swell Surf Camp is your place to be!


 Why Swell is the ultimate watersport holiday

It’s not just surfing at our surf camp, there’s a ton of other water sports you, your family or your friends can do with us in the Dominican Republic.


  • Cabarete is widely considered one of the best kitesurfing destinations for beginners and advanced kiteboarders. From flat water at La Boca to the waves at Encuentro and kitebeach there’s different types of kitesurfing conditions to keep everyone happy.
  • Steady tradewinds: No gusty offshore winds here, steady trade winds that are side onshore make this a very safe spot( if something happens you float back to the shore in no time)
  • Top kitesurf schools: There’s a ton of kite schools in Cabarete, we work with the 2 best schools at Swell, that have been in business for 10+ years and that work with a large school of professional & qualified kitesurf instructors.
  • Warm water: no need to bring your wetsuit!

Stand up paddle surfing

  • Cabarete has great SUP conditions, and just like kitesurfing,  the North coast offers a wide variety of SUP conditions to keep everybody happy: From paddle surfing in the waves at Encuentro, to the flat water SUP tours on the La Boca rivers.
  • Lessons and rentals are available, from easy beginner stand up paddle boards to advanced wave SUP boards, all is available in Cabarete
  • Fun for the whole family on their water sport vacation, kids as young as 6 years old to 70 year old seniors can enjoy the sport of paddle boarding.


  • Before kitesurfing and surfing made the DR a popular place, Cabarete was put on the map by the windsurfers 20 years ago. Cabarete bay offer unique windsurfing conditions for windsurfers of all levels. The morning when the wind is light and the water flat is ideal for beginners, when something goes wrong, the side onshore wind will return you to the safety of the beach in no time.
  • For intermediates and advanced windsurfers, there’s the slalom and freestyle conditions with medium chop and waves inside the bay, for advanced waveriders the reef offers plenty of waves to practise your jumps and wave riding.
  • Quality windsurf lessons and rentals are all available on Cabarete bay

For kite, wind and wave surfing check the forecasts on Windguru and MagicSeaweed

Canyoning, rafting and white water stand up paddle boarding.
We work closely with “Kayak river adventures” they offer great trips. The waterfall / Canyoning trip is weekly trip most Swell guests do, and they love it. Climbing up waterfalls, sliding down natural slides into turquoise water and doing big jumps. Gets the adrenaline going and is highly recommended

Cabarete has 1 main sailing center in the upwind part of the Bay called the Bic center. They give sailing lessons in Laser’s and a 4 person sail boat

When the waves are too big for the surf spots to work properly, some good BodyBoarding and bodysurfing can be done inside the Cabarete bay.

Horse Riding and Mountain biking in and around Cabarete, Dominican Republic
Ok not watersport holiday activities but still great things to do when you don’t want to be in the water for a day.

Keep in mind that  all these active water sport activities are optional at Swell Surf Camp, if all you want to do is Surf and chill, then Cabarete is a great place.

See our package pricing page for more details or have a look at even more stuff to do in Cabarete

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Learn to Surf


Learn to Surf


More info about our Learn to Surf Holiday can be found here >>

What is the core business of Swell Surf Camp? Hard core surfers? Travelling surfers? Nope, teaching people that are completely new to the sport of surfing all the basic essentials of how to ride the waves. We want to provide high quality surf lessons for our clients, and one way to ensure this is by using quality surf material: Safe big soft top boards for the first time surfers, rashguards, leashes but most importantly by using  internationally qualified surf instructors that are fluent in English.

Our surf  instructor to student ratio is pretty much guaranteed to be below 6 students for 1 instructor. We have 2 international surf coaches working at Swell with years of experience teaching surfing in a safe, fun and structured manner.

Besides those 2 coaches we also have a permanent Dominican Surf instructor, who is widely regarded as one of the best surf instructors in the country: Neno, He speaks English fluently, is very patient and an all round nice guy  with a huge smile.

Quick tip:  Swell is a popular place and as a result we can sometimes fill up months in advance, so if you are interested in joining us, don’t wait too long; send us an email today.


Learning Surfing

What kind of people take lessons with Swell? Well we only give lessons to the clients that stay at Swell, to ensure that the student / instructor ratio is kept low. So unlike  other surf schools and surf camps in Cabarete, we do not give lessons to non clients.

Interested in a yoga surf retreat holiday? Visit our Yoga page

Swell Clients:
What else sets the surf lessons from Swell apart? Besides the actual beach lessons, we also give at least 2 surf theory classes per week at Swell. These are highly informative classes that go in depth into things like: How waves are created, tides, currents, dangers but also about positions in the line up that are best to sit in order to catch the best waves.


More info about  learning to surf with Swell Surf Camp

Have a look on our ‘Surfing’ page to find more info about the learn to surf camp packages we have created. Interested in a surf & yoga holiday? See this yoga & surf page

So what are you waiting for? Cross one thing of your bucket list , and learn to surf with the professionals in the Dominican Republic on your next surf holiday

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