surfing david

2nd Visit – Twice as much fun!!
Swell has created a wonderful experience centered on surfing. Our family of 4 (2 sons, 18 and 16), just returned from another great trip (previous was 2 years ago – also a great experience). Swell’s staff, from Haudy (manager) to the surf instructors, to chefs, and so on are fun, energetic, interesting people – just like the other guests Swell attracts.

We are experienced surfers, but the instructors still had helpful suggestions, and for the guests with no surfing experience, all were up and riding waves the first day. After surfing, Swell is a relaxing place to lay by the pool, or in the hammock. Meals at Swell are fun, delicious, and family style that always seem to turn into fun nights (or not for those who choose an early bed).

Yoga is great, and Haudy is able to seamlessly arrange for other activities including Canyoning, day trips into Puerto Plato, etc.

Most of the guests were in their mid to late 20’s through late 30’s, but we felt perfectly comfortable with teenagers and the age range included those older than us (i.e. 50’s). The instructors, who turn out to be social directors as well, are inclusive and fun.

We will definitely be back again!

BTW – Swell was not impacted by the numerous hurricanes this year, nor could we identify any damage to the area since our prior trip. It’s an easy flight into Puerto Plata, a half our drive (that Swell arranges), and the fun begins.

Highly recommend this awesome place/experience!!

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surfing shannon

Incredible place, even better people.. can’t wait to go back
This is one of the only vacations I’ve been on where I was looking for dates for my next trip before I even left the airport. It was my first solo-trip and I had no idea what to expect. I read reviews (just like you’re probably doing right now) and while reassuring, words can’t explain how much fun you’ll have and how at home you’ll feel.

There’s something here for everyone, whether it’s hanging by the pool, surfing/ kitesurfing, or going on a canyoning adventure (fun fact – if you’re deathly afraid of heights like I am, maybe skip that one). Rooms and common areas were all cleaned every day and the food was incredible. I can’t say enough about the staff there who really create the environment that everyone raves about. Cabarete was also a really cool area – lots of shops, restaurants, bars.. and a trapeze school right next door to Swell (thought that was as awesome as it was bizarre!).

Oh, last thing! I have one of those jobs that allows me to work from anywhere as long as there’s an internet connect. While yes, this was supposed to be a vacation, a couple “emergencies” did occur that I couldn’t avoid. If that’s of any importance to you, internet in the common area was really reliable and I was able to do everything I needed to.

Ok, back to planning my next visit. Hope to see ya there 🙂

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surfing stu

Amazing two weeks, love Swell and the people i met!
Really awesome holiday, the camp is great with homely rooms and really comfortable beds and very clean (rooms cleaned everyday just like a hotel). As you will read on other reviews the food really is amazing and you eat a lot of it but you will come home in better shape than when you went away! I wasn’t sure if i would get a bit bored staying in one place on my own for two weeks but there was no chance of that, after two morning surf sessions chilling in the Swell garden by the pool or down by the beach is a pretty welcome activity. I did do a couple of really good excursions though and there is plenty on offer. The staff at Swell are amazing and really make you feel at home and the instructors build a really good sociable environment. If you like animals then they even have a cat and the best behaved dog i have ever encountered. Cabarete is a cool place, plenty to offer and some really good places to eat and drink on the beach and the Surf Instructors make a big effort to organize evening meals with the group on nights that food isn’t provided at camp which is a nice touch. Highly recommended!

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surfing swell review

No Exaggeration: this place is awesome!
These people are not exaggerating on how fun this place is in the other reviews. I was here for about 3 weeks. I was not sure what to expect out of Cabarete or the DR really. I could not have imagined that it would be so great. The people I met there, both the staff and the other guests were wonderful. There was always some surf for any level of surfer. So that is no problem. Socially, although as guests were from incredibly disparate backgrounds, we really got along well. I have not been to a “surf camp” before but I am absolutely looking forward to booking my trip again. It was so fun to be around others who loved the water as much as me. I just haven’t had that experience as an adult. The food was awesome. Breakfast everyday and four nights a week a dinner was included. The surf instructors were fun and patient; big props to Scott, Dan and Neno! Howdie was the on site manager and she did everything she could to keep us happy and comfortable. It was pretty awesome. If you’ve even thought about a surf trip once, then you should book this. Water is warm, people are cool. If you don’t want to surf on a particular day, you can just chill at the camp. Easy.

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