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If you want to have the ideal family vacation, then you should definitely consider coming to Swell surf camp for a family surf holiday. It doesn't matter whether you are father and son, mother and daughter or a large family, learning to surf is a great way to spend quality time with your kids, keeping them busy and exercised while having a blast yourself.

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One of the great things about Swell surf camp is that you are in a safe environment and will be mixing with other families all doing the same thing; all with the same goal, to catch as many waves as you can!

Mom, you won't have to worry about cooking for your family, so it will be a genuine vacation for you too. Kids love the food we cook at Swell and when we are not cooking at the camp, you can just wander 150m from our front door to some of the town's best restaurants where great value, tasty food awaits.

Dad, you don't need to spend hours organising excursions for your family vacation; Haudy, Swell's wonderful manageress will do it all for you. Check out our Day Trips page to see what the Dominican Republic has on offer besides surfing. You will barely be able to fit everything in in a week long stay!

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The Dominican Republic is a stunning country!

Want to go home with plenty of awesome memories for you and your family?

We offer several afternoon day trips, such as the adrenaline-pumped Canyoning trip where you are climbing and abseiling through stunning scenery, don't worry our guides are certified and know the area like the back of their hands.

Want a more mellow afternoon? Go on a boat snorkeling trip at a nearby stunning beach.


What's on offer

Learning to surf will not only keep the kids entertained and enthralled with the ocean, but also wear them out a little, challenge them and teach them a sporting skill which will stay with them for life. Learning to surf when young means that they will pick up this sport way faster than an adult. Kids are fearless, light and have a low centre of gravity, which means they can stand easily and quickly on a surfboard.

You can imagine, a small person + a large surfboard (we use soft tops to avoid injury) equals lots of flotation; what every surfer needs. In our experience, kids learn fast and pick up advanced surf skills even faster, like turning and 'trimming' the surfboard. It is said that every surf session a young person has is worth 20 sessions for an adult.

At Swell surf camp, we tend to turn people into surfers for life. People who surf are happier, more fulfilled and calmer and that's not even taking into account the endless fitness benefits of surfing, which include cardio-vascular fitness, increased core-strength and stronger arms and legs.

It's great for burning calories with an average burn of 700 calories per surf session. For Moms and Dads, paddling for a wave is a low impact cardio-vascular exercise which avoids injury. Surfers will say that every session is either a great surf session or a great work-out; it's win-win!


Which airport should I fly into?

The best (closest) airport to fly into is Puerto Plata (airport code POP). Taxis are safe and well-organised at POP airport with published fares and a taxi desk in the arrivals area. POP is only 25 minutes away from us and has direct daily flights from New York (JetBlue and Continental airlines) or Miami (American Airlines) and flights from Europe too. Take a look at our LOCATION page for more flight/airport ideas and the costs of airport transfers. STI and SDQ are both options to get to us. Punta Cana (PUJ) is only an option if you don’t mind renting a car and a 5 to 6-hour drive to Swell.


Whilst we do not have a team of chefs to cater to every whim, we are well used to catering for vegetarians, vegans and people with other food intolerances. We have a wide variety of ingredients to choose from and will always try our very best to cater for your needs if you tell us in advance, so just send us an email to see what your options are.

Can I cook my own food at Swell?

No you cannot use the Swell kitchen at any time for the preparation of food, nor use our fridge to store your food. If you wish to self-cater, Swell surf camp is not the right place for you. But, if you want to be looked after with truly delicious food (there’s a good reason why our guests have asked for a Swell surf camp recipe book to be published), and be within a few meters of a whole bunch of other restaurants, then do choose us for your surf vacation.

My question isn’t answered here

Don’t panic, we are here to help! Send us a message via this page and you’ll have a response from Clare in minutes.

What dates do you run surf camps for families?

Families are welcome year round, but in the popular school holidays we tend to get more families. The minimum age we can cater for is kids 10 years and older for our surf camps.

Can you give us a custom quote?

Tell us about your family’s wishes, and who wants to learn what ( surfing, yoga, kitesurf, wingfoil) and we will send you a custom price and availability quote.

Some family members don’t want to surf

That’s ok, we can create a specific individual quote for the whole family

How far in advance do we have to book?

Because families are mostly restricted to school holidays, we do tend to get busy quit a while in advance. So if you are interested in joining one of our family surf camp holidays it’s best to contact us as soon as possible, to avoid disappointment.

  • “Think of Swell as the anti-surf camp. There’s plenty of surfing, of course, but the similarities to other surf camps end there. For starters, the rooms are stylish — more boutique surf retreat than reggae-loving surfer digs. Then there are the legendary breakfasts (omelets, pancakes and crepes, fresh-squeezed orange juice, and fruit bowls). Structured surf lessons take place each morning, with an instructor alongside you and the head surf coach watching from shallow water, ready to offer learn to surf tips between riding waves. If you are serious about learning to surf, then Swell should be on top of your destination list. Highly recommended!

    Reference Source:
    [Frommer’s Travel Guides]

    Designed with the discerning surfer in mind, Swell is far from a crash pad. The spare clean lines, plush bedding, modern photographs and funky furniture say ‘boutique surf retreat’ but the pool, ping-pong and foosball tables and social vibe suggest otherwise. A huge wood communal table is the center of the hanging-out action, after all the surfing is done. Highly recommended!

    Reference Source:
    [Lonely Planet]


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