Giving back: read about the amazing work Inspire DR does in the Cabarete community

Giving back

InspireDR: a great cause


A success story!

InspireDR is a registered US non-profit organisation based in Cabarete (2 minutes from Swell) that works with young Dominicans and Haitians to become responsible community leaders.

Please read on about the amazing work Adam, Yann, Marlin and the crew do for the local Cabarete community

Also....donations would really help them out

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2018 is a year of growth and opportunity!

InspireDR wants to give more boys the chance to create brighter futures for themselves.


For all of us at Swell surf camp, it's a privilege to be able to live and work in the Dominican Republic.

We are lucky to have had full time education as we grew up in our birth countries, with good role models to follow and guide us.

For many boys in the local community, this is not the case. Full time education is not on offer for all children yet and whilst the Dominican Republic is moving towards better education, health and services for kids, delinquency, drug use and teen pregnancies are common.

Thankfully, there are organisations like InspireDR who are on the ground here to help.

Swell is proud to work with InspireDR, who have a unique perspective on how to really make a difference. In a country where short term thinking is the norm, they have set up a programme to work with boys from the local community and guide them towards new ways of thinking and expanding life's possibilities..

The boys learn vitally important skills for life; critical thinking, respect, timeliness, responsibility, leadership, entrepreneurship and teamwork, using a variety of methods.

The programme also teaches them some valuable practical skills; woodworking, swimming, English, surfing (that's one of the ways we help) and many more.

We love the way InspireDR reward the boys when they have reached certain goals; each day, the boys have to demonstrate the values and skills listed above.

As they must be demonstrated every day, with no exceptions, these values just become normal for the boys. They must also have an attendance record at the school of more than 90% so consistency and reliability also becomes normal.

InspireDR have so far helped 97 boys from the local community, with 62 currently in the programme and a waiting list of 71 more boys hoping to join.

We are very proud to be involved with InspireDR and the amazing work they do.

Guests of Swell can join in with us as we teach the boys to surf on Sundays, or donate to InspireDR from this link. If you have a particular skill you would like to offer to the programme, contact us to see if we can put you and InspireDR together.


Known for her work in Veronica Mars, Frozen, and much more, Kristen has been involved with InspireDR since 2016, participating in fundraisers, donating and calling attention to their work


Loads of good karma and waves are coming your way if you donate today!


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    About Swell Surf Camp:

    After living in the Dominican Republic for 8 years and loving the great outdoor watersport lifestyle, Jeroen (from the Netherlands) and Clare (for the UK) decided it was time to share their knowledge of the Dominican Republic all that this stunning country has to offer with visitors from around the world.

    Clare and Jeroen were already familiar with surf camps in many different countries and having had to stay in some very ordinary surf hotel accommodation in their quest for great surfing waves, they knew that there was something missing in the surf camp market; a place which was still social, but offering better quality accommodation, great food, nicer beds, cleaner rooms: A stylish, luxury surf camp. They set about designing the kind of place they would want to stay in themselves.

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    Since opening in winter 2009/2010 Swell surf instructors have taught 1000’s of people how to surf in a safe, fun and structured manner. Since opening, Swell has won multiple awards and has 100’s of excellent reviews from happy guests. Swell continues to be one of the top destinations for couples, groups and solo travellers to go to as the #1 luxury surf camp holiday.

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