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Swell offers luxury surf & Yoga Retreats on the North coast of the Domincian Republic We cater for people who have never surfed before or are intermediate surfers that need surf coaching. Besides the surfing, there’s Yoga on offer at Swell 3 x per week.

purpose built accommodation

When we started Swell in 2009 we didn’t convert and villa into a surf retreat, we went to award winning architects to design a purpose built luxury surf camp / surf retreat.  At the heart of our surf retreat is a large open communal area where we have meals together, socialise and give theory surf lessons. 
Our bedrooms are equiped with super comfortable californian king size beds with egyptian cotton sheets. You’ll sleep (S)Well.

Surf & Yoga Retreats for adults

For solo travellers or couples, our surf and yoga retreat for adults is an ideal place to stay and meet new & like-minded people from all over the globe.

Generally speaking, our clients are between 21 and 60 years old that have chosen to spend their holiday in an active & social way.

We surf together, have meals together and go on weekly adventure day trips like canyoning and snorkelling.

Surfing and Yoga are a match made in heaven and it`s no accident that the two pair-up so well. 

Pre-surf stretching has been a vital part of surfing since forever: You’ll never see a surfer enter the water without doing some stretching first. Using limbs in a way that is alien to most other daily activities or sports can take its toll, even on bodies whose owners consider themselves to be quite fit ordinarily.

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The Dominican Republic is the aventure capital of the Caribbean. Plenty of exciting day trips are on offer.
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Surf Lessons

Ideal for people that have never surfed before and want to learn in a safe, quick and fun way.
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Our Yoga classes are accesible for all, even for those that have never done any yoga before.
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FAQ Surf & Yoga Retreat

Molly our Yogi specialises in Ashtanga Yoga.

Our Surf & Yoga retreats are accesible for all levels of surfers and yogi.

Molly’s teaching style is warm and supportive and she encourages students to explore beyond their perceived limitations by emphasising proper alignment to maximise performance and prevent injuries. You do not have to be a regular practitioner of Yoga to take and enjoy a class at Swell.

Yes! We set up our learn how to surf program to be a perfect match for complete beginners who have never surfed before to intermediate surfers who have had some surf lessons before but need coaching to learn more advanced surfing techniques.

What about age? Am I too old?
We get a lot of these questions in via email:
I want to learn to surf at 40
I want to learn how to surf at 50 or even 60+ etc.
The answer is: Yes , if you can swim and are mobile we can get you up and riding on a wave in our 5 day surf course. Don’t let your age hold you back!

The average age of clients that join us on our surf & yoga retreat varies per week, but generally speaking our clients are between 28 and 58 years old. basically as long as you are fot and know how to surf, you are suitable to join a Swell surf & yoga holiday

We do not have set dates, so we have people join us at any time of the year. The minimum days is 5 days,  arrival can be on any day of the week.


Swell is not a woman’s only surf yoga holiday, men are very welcome, and normally make up 50% of our clients

Then you have come to the right place, since 70% of our clients travel to Swell by themselves. Because of the open communal area and friendly vibe between staff and guests; we are a great place to meet new people and friends.

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