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At Swell we want to make sure our clients get the best surf experience possible, and the best way to guarantee this is by having top staff work for us. Last year Ricci was at Swell for 3 months, and he left a great impression on the clients and the rest of our staff. Because Ricci had commitements in Europe as a Snowboard instructor & guide in the Alps he had to leave us for a season in the snow.

Ricci Swell Surf Instructor
Ricci Swell Surf Instructor

Ricci was keen to come back to Swell, and we are very keen to have him back. for the full 2018 / 2019 winter season.

Alexandra (Alex) is Ricci’s partner and she is the new surf photographer at Swell taking photos of our clients who are interested in the photo packages she offers. And additional bonus is that Alexandra also takes video footage of the clients during their lessons, so after the lessons are done the footage can be played back to analyze where improvements can be made in the surf technique of the clients.

Alexandra has years of experience as an action and lifestyle photographer, and so far the lifestyle and surf photos she has produced are of great quality.

Here are some sample photos of here first few days in Cabarete

Surfing Encuentro
Morning at Playa Encuentro
Encuentro surf lessons
Encuentro surf lessons
Swell Surfboards
Swell Surfboards
Groups Shots
Groups Shots
Playa Encuentro
Playa Encuentro
Swell visitor
Swell visitor
Playa Encuentro golden morning light
Playa Encuentro golden morning light

As you can see Alexandra is a great photographer, so if you want to have your surf photos taken and a surf video analysis during your stay at Swell, sign up for the photo package and go home with your memories in HD photo format.


Normally when one surf instructor arrives another instructor leaves, this winter we have deceided to change this, since it’s looking like it’s going to be a very busy winter season for us here in the Caribbean. As a result Lee, our lovely English surf instructor has decided to stay on for the rest of our high season.
So our team for the winter season 2019 is:

    1. Lee (english) – Surf Instructor
    1. Ricci (Italian) – Surf Instructor
    1. Neno (Dominican) – Surf Instructor
    1. Jeffrey (Dominican) – Surf Instructor
    1. Alexandra (French) – Surf photographer

So if you are interested in learning to surf, then have a look at the learn to surf courses we offer at Swell and contact us today to secure your surf holiday.


About Swell: We provide active holidays for adults in the Caribbean. Ideal for solo travelers and couples who are looking for a fun and social vacation.
See our video below.

We hope to see you soon in the Caribbean
Clare & Jeroen Mutsaars

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Meet the team

Let us introuduce you to the people who work at Swell, and who will make sure you get the surf holiday you are looking for.



My name is Haudy Prisila
I am 42 years old & HaudyGraduate of Tourism, Hospitality and Marketing
I am originally from Chile, my hometown is Valparaiso (one of the most beautiful cities of my country recognized in the whole world for its hills, streets of many colors, historic elevators that show the city in its fullness!

I arrived in the Dominican Republic in 2001 (I was really here for 1 year but … until today I found my home here … My home and my work … my little paradise !!
Arrive at Swell Surf Camp in 2012

I love Cabarete, to live here, I love to walk on the beach of cabarete,
I think it’s a gift every day … normally in my free time I go to the gym and also go out or cook with friends, I love listening to Latin music> my favorites without a doubt Sosa Stereo !!

What other say about Haudy:

” Awesome cook, will look after you very well when you are at Swell”


The Surf Instructors


My name is Juan Alberto Mejía, but everyone calls me Neno. I am 27 years old.

NenoI was born in Nagua but I grew up in Cabarete. I have two younger brothers who currently live with my parents in Nagua and I really like to visit them and have a good time with them. It’s really pretty where I’m from, but there’s is not a lot to do in the countryside and the surf spot is far, so that’s why I prefer Cabarete.
My favorite song is Criminals by No Sleep & XUITCASECITY.

What others say about Neno:

“Epitomizes the Dominican spirit; Friendly , Helpfull and always up for a good time!”


The owners



I’m from the south of England and I’m 54 years old. I’ve got two ‘boys’ who are now 21 and 18 and even though i’m tall, they both tower over me 6’5″ and 6’6″ – it’s like having your own personal minders!

surf clare With a musical family, I grew up playing guitar and worked as a professional singer for a few years before turning to property development. I was late to get involved in watersports and started kitesurfing at 39 years old and surfing at 52! (it’s never too late!). Jeroen and I met whilst kitesurfing in the Dominican Republic and have been together since 2006. We built Swell because Jeroen has taken me to some pretty dreadful surf camps / hotels and resorts over the years and I wanted to do something for the long-suffering surf wives! I’m a terrible dancer and I’m passionate about dogs and have to be preventing from rescuing more than we can handle. Favorite song; Don’t Give Up (Peter Gabriel/Kate Bush).

What others say about Clare:

“Meticulous about booking details, faster on the email than an F1 Pit stop



I’m from Holland and I’m 44 years old.Jeroen Mutsaars

I’ve grown up with a passion for windsurfing, snow sports, and sailing at an early age since every holiday and weekend was spent on the sail boat with my parents and brother.

Windsurfing brought me to Cabarete in 2004 and that’s also when I ‘swapped’ windsurfing for kitesurfing for a few years.

Jeroen Mutsaars I still love to Windsurf when the wind is over 20 knots and the waves are solid at Cabarete reef, but my main passion is surfing.

Another passion of mine is photography, and most pictures on the Swell website are ‘mine’.
I divide my time between the UK, Bali and the Dominican Republic.


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Meet the Swell team: Neno

neno swell

Meet the Swell team: Neno

The next few weeks the blog posting will focus on different staff members at Swell. The first staff member we focus on is Juan Alberto Mejia Castillo, better known by 100’s of swell clients as  Neno.

If you look around the Swell website you’ll find lots of photos of the smiling Dominican. Why? Because Neno is one of our top staff members: teaches people to surf, hangs around dinners and is always up for a pool table challenge ( be carefull he is good)

Neno has been with Swell 4 plus years and is one of the most experienced surf instructors in the Dominican Republic. With his ever present big smile, big enthusiasm  (and equally awesome big hair) he is one of the most popular staff members of Swell.

surf 7N2A4840
surf nnenoteam
surf neno

Full Name:
Juan Alberto Mejia Castillo

Nick Name:

Position at Swell:
Surf Instructor



How long have you worked for Swell?
4 Years

Spanish, English and a little bit of swedish

Favourite music:

Favorite drink:

surf and road trips

Favorite surfboard:
long board

Favorite surf spot:

The best part about working for Swell is:
meeting new people and the vibe

The part I don’t like is:
the cat (jk)

One day I would like to

I am really good at

But not very good at

What would you like to see changed in the world?
eliminate corruption

When people come to Swell and the Dominican Republic they should definitely
visit playa grande

Tell us about yourself
Since I was a child I was always interested in computer science! I have two younger siblings the youngest is 21 and the oldest is 24. The youngest lives here in cabarete and the eldest lives with my parents in nagua, in the countryside, when i started working i was pretty young with the age of ten as a gardener, that was my first serious job and then after that i started working other stuff like carpentry, constuction and security. Security was my last job before i started working for swell surf camp and here i am!!

Photo of neno surfing at Encuentro

Interested in being taught the sport of Surfing? have a look at our learn to surf holiday packages, contact Clare and off you go on a unique surf holiday to the dominican republic.

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